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5 Tricks Cops Use in DUIs

Posted by Jonathan Warshaw | Oct 03, 2016 | 0 Comments

Before I became an attorney, I was a police officer with the Mesa Police Department and later the Phoenix Police Department. This gives me the unique perspective of knowing what a DUI case looks like from the officer's point of view. I was involved in the arrests of hundreds of people charged with DUI. I know what the police look for, how they write their reports, what kinds of information gets left out of reports, and the tricks they use to arrest people for DUIs.

Asking Loaded Questions

Cops are trained in what questions to ask, and how to observe your responses. Don't think that seemingly innocent questions are just idle conversation. Every question they ask is designed to gather evidence. Evidence to use against you.

Getting As Much Access As Possible

Police officers are trained to observe everything. They want to see your eyes, smell your breath, listen to you speak, watch your hand movements. This is all designed to gather evidence of intoxication to be used against you. Keep your hands still, face forward, and window rolled down only enough to pass your license and registration.

Field Sobriety Tests Designed to Fail

The officer may ask you to take a series of field sobriety tests. You have the right to refuse a field sobriety test. The police are trained to look for a number of signs that a driver is impaired when administering field sobriety tests, and score each person on a point system. Darkness, uneven ground, nervousness, and other things can cause you to fail these tests, but the cops will use the tests as evidence against you in a DUI.

Unreliable Breath Test Devices

During a traffic stop, a cop will ask you to blow into the portable breath testing device such as a PBT or breathalyzer. You have the right to refuse a field breath test. These devices are not always accurate, and can give false readings for reasons other than alcohol, and can give false readings if they are not properly calibrated. The only they WILL do is likely get your car towed for up to 30 days if you blow above a .150. The police are not there to be your lawyer, and will not advise you of all your rights, so you should politely refuse, and ask to speak to your DUI lawyer at (480) 390-2537.

Specialized DUI Police Network

If you've gotten a DUI, it is probably your first and last experience with a DUI arrest. But for the police, this is what they do every day. For some officers, they specialize in DUI cases, and can perform hundreds of DUI arrests in a single year. They use their specialized training in DUI detection, and questioning techniques to get you to give up as much information as possible, even when you have the right to refuse. They also share successful techniques with other police officers around the country.

If you have been arrested for a DUI anywhere in the Phoenix Metro Area, call the one local DUI attorney who is a both former police officer and prosecutor. As a former cop, I understand these and other tricks police use to bust your for a DUI. Let me use that experience to defend your rights. Take action NOW by contacting me, Jonathan Warshaw, at (480) 787-0014.

About the Author

Jonathan Warshaw

I am a former police officer with the Mesa Police Department and was involved in arresting hundreds of people for DUIs and other criminal offenses. Now, I can use that experience to help you. I understand how police officers think, what they do in the field, and what kinds of information gets left out of a police report. As a Gilbert criminal defense attorney, I work to investigate your case, analyze the evidence, and interview the police to find everything possible to win your case.


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