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Consequences of a Gilbert DUI

How Could A DUI Affect My Current Employment?

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence, one of the main concerns you might have is how your arrest could affect your job. However, there is no uniform answer to this question. The first step to take would be to examine your employment contract. For some employees, especially those holding a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) such as truck or bus drivers, a drunk driving conviction may itself be grounds for suspension or termination. If you hold a CDL, you are required to report any serious violations (including DUI arrests) to your employer within 30 days. Also, CDL holders will be subject to a longer driver's license suspension, which can result in lost wages. Seeking the help of a Gilbert criminal defense attorney can significantly increase your chances of maintaining employment if you are in this situation.

Employees in other fields may still need to consult their employment contract to determine what implications a DUI arrest or conviction may have. Some employees may be required to drive intermittently as part of their employment duties. Others who are in positions such as teachers or coaches, may have certain requirements to disclose particular information to an employer and/or face various employment penalties.

If you have no explicit agreement with your employer that stipulates otherwise, you are under no duty to disclose a DUI arrest or conviction to your current supervisor.

How Could A DUI Affect My Future Employment?

Many people who face DUI charges are concerned not only about how DUI charges will affect their current job, but also their future career.

If you are convicted of driving under the influence, there are several implications you could face when pursuing higher education or seeking future employment:

  • As a college student, your scholarship, financial aid, or memberships in certain collegiate institutions could be affected. Some college scholarships and financial aid packages include clauses that render a student ineligible to receive funds if they are convicted of certain offenses. Also, certain university clubs or athletic organizations also hold students ineligible if convicted of crimes. If you or your child is a college student facing DUI charges, it is important to investigate how these could affect university activities.
  • If you are pursuing graduate education, you may have to disclose a DUI conviction to a professional organization you seek to join. For example, law students are required to disclose convictions as part of the American Bar Association character and fitness qualifications for admission to the bar. Examine the ethical codes of any professional organization you may wish to join in the future.
  • Many employment applications require that candidates disclose certain convictions. Some organizations only ask that applicants disclose felony convictions (in Arizona, anyone convicted of an aggravated DUI is guilty of a felony). Others require that candidates disclose any conviction, including misdemeanors. However, many times you have the opportunity to discuss the terms of your conviction in greater detail with your recruiter or human resources representative
  • Some positions require a security clearance. Any past convictions will be thoroughly investigated, and candidates may be disqualified based on a criminal record. It is important to be aware of this fact if you will require such a clearance in the future.

A Gilbert Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

A DUI conviction is something which can follow you for the rest of your life, sometimes in subtle ways that you may never have considered before. This is why it is so important to hire a criminal defense attorney with extensive experience in all aspects of the criminal justice system, as I do.

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