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Gilbert DUI License Reinstatement

A Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You Through Your MVD License Hearing

If you have been arrested for a DUI, your criminal case will be handled by the court system, but your driver's license will also be at risk. The Arizona Department of Transportation (AZDOT) Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) may also suspend your license if you are arrested for a DUI.

You only have 15 days from your arrest!

Under Arizona law, the AZ DOT may administratively suspend your driving privileges for if you are arrested for a DUI. It is automatic unless you act within 15 days! You can prevent this by requesting an administrative hearing where you can present your case to keep your license. This is known as an executive hearing. You have to formally request an executive MVD hearing, or your license will be automatically revoked or suspended. An experienced Gilbert criminal defense attorney can handle both the MVD hearing and the criminal court hearing.

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Driver's License Reinstatement

If your license has been revoked or suspended, you will need to get your license reinstated in order to drive. You will need to comply with the requirements for reinstatement after a DUI, which may include an ignition interlock device be placed in your car, and an SR-22 certificate of insurance. You will then need to bring all proof and notices to an MVD office, fill out an application, and pay the application fee, and a reinstatement fee. This can also be completed online.

An SR-22 filing is a certificate of financial responsibility that you will be required to maintain for 3 years. You can obtain one from an insurance company licensed to do business in Arizona. You will need to furnish proof of an SR-22 certificate before seeking license reinstatement.

An ignition interlock device (IID) is attached to your vehicle's ignition system. Before you can start your car, the driver must exhale into the device. If alcohol is detected, the engine will not start. At random intervals during driving, the device will require another breath sample to continue operating. If no sample is provided, or if it exceeds the alcohol level, the IID will record the reading, and sound an alarm until the car is stopped. You will need to furnish proof that the IID was installed before seeking license reinstatement.

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