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National Parks & Other Federal Lands

Defense for a Federal DUI in Gilbert, Arizona

Any DUI can be devastating, but federal DUI charges hold significantly harsher penalties and potential for devastating outcomes. If you have been charged with a DUI offense, you need to work with an experienced attorney that not only understands federal regulations governing driving under the influence, but one that also has direct knowledge of the federal legal system. As a former police officer and prosecutor, I understand that this time in your life can be difficult, but I will aggressively challenge your charges and develop a personalized defense for your case. Following an arrest, contact my Gilbert criminal defense office right away.

Federal DUI Charges Defense

Although it seems unlikely that a federal criminal charge would occur in Gilbert, there are actually numerous federal properties throughout Arizona.

In particular, federal laws apply on all:

  • National Parks and Forests
  • National Historic Places
  • Military Bases
  • Airports
  • Post Offices, Courthouses and Government Buildings
  • Native American Tribal Land

If you were arrested in a National Park or Forest, federal laws will apply to your case; however, any other federal land may only require state penalties be applied to your case. Regardless of the area where the DUI occurred, there is always a potential for increased penalties and furthered criminal charges. It is imperative that you contact an attorney following an arrest!

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Do you have questions or concerns regarding your penalties after an arrest? If so, you need to contact a lawyer that will aggressively fight for your rights and defend your freedoms. As a former police officer and prosecutor, I understand that this time in your life may be difficult, and I endeavor to work with you to develop a personalized defense for your case. For more information on how I can help, call my firm and schedule a free case evaluation with a Gilbert criminal defense lawyer.

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