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Defense for Your Criminal Arrest

Sex crimes are very serious offenses that require aggressive representation on your behalf. At my firm, the Law Office of Jonathan L. Warshaw, I stand ready to provide you with dedicated legal counsel and experienced, trusted defense for your charges. If you have been arrested, you need to take action and protect yourself from an unknown future with jail time, fines, probation and furthered legal complications. For more information, contact a Gilbert criminal defense attorney from my office right away and schedule a free case evaluation.

Penalties for a Sex Crime Conviction

I understand that after an arrest, you may have questions and concerns regarding your future. There is a lot at stake, and without the right attorney on your side, you could be up against significant penalties. If you are convicted, you will not only see mandatory jail or prison time, but you will also be required to file as a registered sex offender for the rest of your life. Even non-violent sex crimes will hold mandatory filing requirements.

If registered as a sex offender, your information would be available to the public and accessible at any time. Identifiable information includes your name, age, height, and weight, your address, the date of your conviction and type of crime you committed. The registry could potentially cause complications with hiring, family, friends and personal endeavors. It is important that you contact an attorney that can help protect you from these devastating consequences.

Let My Firm Help You!

When you work with my office, I will:

  • Investigate all areas about your arrest.
  • Personally look into all witnesses, police officers, and records.
  • Follow-up with all elements of your case throughout your trial.
  • Prepare fully for trial, if necessary.

It is important that you take immediate action and contact my firm. You can schedule a free consultation by calling 480-390-2537.

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