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Meet Attorney Jonathan L. Warshaw from Gilbert

Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney

Experience on All Sides of the Justice System

I am a former police officer with the Mesa Police Department and was involved in arresting hundreds of people for DUIs and other criminal offenses. Now, I can use that experience to help you. I understand how police officers think, what they do in the field, and what kinds of information gets left out of a police report. As a Gilbert criminal defense attorney, I work to investigate your case, analyze the evidence, and interview the police to find everything possible to win your case.

I am also a former prosecutor. As a prosecutor with Maricopa County, I was involved in prosecuting people for DUI in the courtroom. Now, I can use my courtroom experience to help you. As a prosecutor, I had to put together all the evidence, to prove my case to a jury. I understand how prosecutors work, and how they present their case to a jury. I will use my experience to challenge the evidence presented against you, to negotiate a deal or to get your case entirely dismissed.

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer

I specialize in defending people from a variety of criminal charges. I use my experience as a police officer and a prosecutor to defend people charged with crimes ranging from traffic violations to felony theft offenses and everything in between. I am familiar with the police officers, the prosecutors, and the judges involved.

Take Advantage of Your Free Consultation

I understand how confusing and stressful it can be to face criminal charges. A conviction has the potential to carry possible jail time, fines, and much more. This is why I offer a free, no obligation consultation. I will explain the entire process, what you will likely face, all your options going forward. I know the problems you face are very important, and I treat them as such. I want you to understand that I am representing you, and will be there no matter what. I will return any calls you have the same day, usually within a couple hours.

If you have been arrested for DUI, drug crimes, theft, or other crimes anywhere in the Phoenix Metro Area, call the one local attorney who is a both former police officer and prosecutor. Take action now by contacting me, Jonathan Warshaw, at 480-390-2537.

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    Jonathan Warshaw is the most patient and understanding lawyer I have ever met. He told me to call him anytime and if he missed my call he would get back to me day or night within an hour. I was an anxious wreck with my case where I was wrongly accused of assaulting my boyfriend. Police arrested m...
  • Thank you for believing in me!

    Jonathan Warshaw is an excellent Attorney, he cares, he works hard, he is a straight shooter, no fluff or BS, he gets straight to the point and doesn't mess around. He knows what he is doing. From day one he always believed in me and never stopped doing so in my case. I knew whatever he was doing...
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    Mr Warshaw was an amazing lawyer faced with some charges that could have effected my lively hood,, he was able to get me a great deal. I would highly recommend Mr Warshaw if you need a criminal attorney who will fight for you.
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    The attorney filed a motion saying police searched me illegally. I knew it was true but other attorneys told me “its the cops word vs. you.” This was the first attorney that listened to my version of what happened and said: “let's kick some as-'”! He did exactly that. Loved when the judge said “I...
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    I had another attorney at first that wanted me to plead guilty to DUI. I thought that was so wrong I fired him and called Mr. Warshaw. After meeting him I hired him on the spot. After months of investigation I was very nervous, thinking nothing was happening. When he told me one day he was out on...
  • I want this guy to be my lawyer

    As a juror sitting on a recent trial, Mr. Warshaw was extremely impressive in the way he selected the jury, dealt with the witnesses, and poked holes in the Prosecution's case. As I watched Mr. Warshaw do his magic on the floor, I said to myself "I want this guy to be my lawyer."

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