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Thank you for believing in me!

Jonathan Warshaw is an excellent Attorney, he cares, he works hard, he is a straight shooter, no fluff or BS, he gets straight to the point and doesn't mess around. He knows what he is doing. From day one he always believed in me and never stopped doing so in my case. I knew whatever he was doing was in the best interest for me. When I was arrested, I was looking at a lot of prison time, being falsely accused of a crime I did not commit. He took on a big case. I am glad he answered that call for help. He kept in contact either on phone or in person. Jonathon was great during my trial, he had a plan and kept to it when things went wrong, he never backed down to coward threats, lies or accusations. He was prepared and knew what the prosecutor was trying to do and the games he played. He was at his best during trial and his plan worked. I was found innocent and will forever be grateful for him and his hard work. Jonathan was a light when everything around me was so dark and hopeless. I would recommend Jonathan to anyone who has legal issues, no case is too small or big for him. Thank you Jonathan!

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